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Cold Read Casting Call


An insecure woman competes with her seducing roommate for the attention of a basketball hero which eventually leads to betrayal and violence.

Table reads are a good way for me to hear my words spoken with real people. It can also, very quickly, expose the flaws in a scene's timing, words, emotional level and context, giving me a chance to make revisions as required.

This table read will be videotaped. A videotaped table read is very beneficial, because seeing the script visually will make it obvious which dialogue and situations work and allow me to create a final version of the script that I will be confident with going into production.

I'm currently looking for 5 females and 4 males. The descriptions are not important as I'm merely using this opportunity to hear my script aloud and make changes as needed. Future casting opportunities are possible, but will be considered after the completion of the final draft.

Job Listing

Unhappy Ending-
Short Film Shoot

Brilliant Twin Studios, a full service
film company in Miami, Florida is seeking a
​* Videographer
*Lighting and Sound person and
Casting for the following roles:
GREGG MOLIN, 30s-60s
This is a 1 day, 10 hour shoot in
Miami in late September or early October 2018.
This is a Non-paid/Non-unoin gig.

Meals will be provided on set,
cast and crew will receive a digital download of the production And also receive an IMDB credit.
Complete the online form and include your head shot, resume and demo reel for consideration.

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