Build A Buzz Package

A Word From our Owner

An overwhelming majority of independent films never see the light of day.

These filmmakers put a lot of hard work and money into producing their films, so we have created a film community where aspiring filmmakers support other aspiring filmmakers.

This blog is designed to bring like-minded people together to write, develop and produce new projects.

This can be done to just gain experience or as a way to make a living. The number one goal is to be a progressive networking group that actually produces films.
A program, designed to assist grassroots screenwriters & filmmakers get their screenplay completed and ready for production in a collaborative community.
We empower aspiring filmmakers to become successful and to build a community of support for other talented people looking to get discovered.

Screenwriting Services

*Screenplay reading, editing, and revision
*Screenplay coverage/analysis
*Table Reads

Video Production Services

*Sizzle/Demo Reel
*Youtube videos
*Crowdfunding videos
*Webshow production
*Proof of concept trailer
*film shorts

Actor Reel Services

Actor reel production services include:

* A script (monologue or scene)
* Additional casting (if applicable)
* Pre-production/planning meeting
* Rehearsal 
* The Shoot
* Editing 
* Promotion